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The Problem

Pain, muscle spasms, reduced range of motion, vertigo, numbness & tingling are all issues that affect and potentially limit our life. 

The Source

Addressing the root cause of these complaints, rather than managing symptoms is our approach.  Often times the source of these issues are related to our structure & nutrition.

The Solution

We want you feeling your best, gentle adjustments and simple lifestyle changes help you obtain relief and achieve long term results.  Quality and affordable Chiropractic in San Diego is available today!

Symptoms of Subluxation include: Neck + Back PAin, Sciatica, HEadaches, Vertigo, Muscle Spasms

Family Wellness Care


Pediatric Chiropractor

Infants, Kids & Teens can all benefit from gentle Chiropractic Care


Pregnancy Chiropractic

Pregnancy & Chiropractic care is safe, gentle & effective for mamasto be!


Postpartum Chiropractic

Postpartum Chiropractic Care can be essential to the healing and recovery during this time.


"My Back Has Never Felt Better!"

I have had debilitating back problems since an tragic skateboarding accident that rendered me bedridden for months. All I wanted to do was get my old life back where acrobatics and dance was center point , but could barely do a handstand with out pain for weeks. After just a few visits I was not only able to train capoeira but train it harder than ever before with minimal injuries. I've been to countless back specialists, OBFC surpasses all of them with their gentle but powerful techniques!

"No more Reflux and Colic Medication!"

My little one has been off her acid reflux medicine for over a month now.  Normal bowel movements, less spitting up, sleeping longer and over all less fussiness for a happier baby!

"My pregnancy was completely different because I was under care!"

OBFC is amazing! I could barely walk around 32 weeks pregnant and was having horrible Back and groin pain. With OBFC's help I was so much more comfortable, my pain was controlled and I was able to be more active with my toddler. Very genuine and kind!

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