Mid-back Pain in San Diego

What is Mid-Back Pain?

Mid-back pain occurs in the area below the neck and above the low back, in the rib cage region.  The pain can feel like a tight knot in the back or even a sharp pain in the chest. Mid-back pain can be a direct result of Misalignment of the Thoracic Vertebrae or a Subluxation.  These Mid-back misalignments can create pain and symptoms in the Mid-back and other regions of the body.  Symptoms and pain can also directly occur at the rib cage area.

Mid-Back Pain in San Diego

Mid-back pain can occur from a range of things including major accidents or from chronic postures.  Most commonly our society spends the majority of their workday in the seated position in front of a computer.  This results in the head falling forward putting excess weight on the thoracic spine.  The shoulders tend roll forward and the mid-back becomes "hunched". This daily posture can irritate the thoracic vertebrae leading to misalignments that result in pain, muscle spasms, limited range of motion and more.  The pain & muscle spams may common on "randomly" with no preceding injury or trauma.  The pain can wrap around into the front of chest, affecting breathing & heart rate. 

Mid-back Pain Symptoms

Mid-back Pain may be dull & achey or sharp & shooting.  The pain can occur on the back and front sides of the body.  Below are commonly accompanying symptoms:

Pain in Middle of Back

Rib Pain

Shoulder Pain

Mid-back Siffness

Muscles Spams


Skin Rashes

Pain between Shoulder Blades

Limited Range of Motion

Sharp Pain into Chest/Ribs

Difficulty/Labored Breathing

Numbness & Tingling

Pain into Arms

Heart palpitations



Subluxations of the Mid-Back

Subluxation is a term describing dysfunction within a vertebral joint in the vertebral column. Two vertebrae within the spine create a vertebral joint, when one joint misaligns or becomes “stuck”, relative to the bone above or below it can irritate the surrounding soft tissue and nerves resulting in pain and other like symptoms.  When Mid-back Subluxations occur, the rib is a affected as well, which can result in pain traveling along the rib cage to the front of the body.

There are three basic causes of Subluxations, including physical, emotional & chemical stress. Physical stress includes slips & falls, accidents, repetitive motions and poor posture. Stress, anger and fear are common examples of emotional stress that can cause Subluxations. Alcohol, drugs, pollution, mold, and poor diets are all samples of chemical or toxins that can result in Subluxations. Subluxations are mini injuries within the spine that can disrupt normal movement, cause inflammation and muscles spasms and create an immense amount of pain. Chiropractor are the only professionals that are trained to detect & correct those spinal misalignments, Subluxations, with gentle adjustments.   

Solutions to Mid-Back Pain

Mid-back pain that occurs due to Thoracic Vertebrae misalignments or Subluxations can be alleviated with gentle Chiropractic Care in San Diego.  Schedule an Appointment with your San Diego Chiropractor at Ocean Beach Family Chiropractic.  Your Doctor will ensure that no other major issue is occurring in the given region, assess the spine for misalignments can correct them with gentle adjustments.  Your Doctor will also provide specific stretches and exercises to prevent the reoccurrence of the injury.

Chiropractic Care in San Diego

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