Welcome New Patients!

Wondering if Chiropractic Care is right for you?  Schedule an appointment for a 


with your Ocean Beach Chiropractor.

At this appointment your Doctor will discuss your aliments & concerns, provide a thorough assessment, review the results and if necessary, present a care plan to obtain relief and long term results! 

No payment is required until care begins!

Military discounts, payment plans, financial hardship assistance programs available!

Ocean Beach Chiropractor

Same Day Adjustment


After the Doctor has completed your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION & ASSESSMENT they will discuss the most appropriate care plan.  If you decide to start care, the doctor will provide a thorough examination followed up by an adjustment all in the same appointment.

30 Minute Appointment


New Chiropractic patients can expect their FIRST VISIT to last 30 minutes depending on their history and questions.  Patients looking for personalized Nutrition & Exercise programs will require a minimum of 60 minutes.



Cash or Check are due at the time of service. HSA/FSA receipts available. Payment plans & financial hardship assistance available. For more information call or use the contact form to connect with your local Ocean Beach Chiropractor