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The spine is a highly important structure that is far too often neglected. When it comes to your workouts every motion and activity you perform is directly related to the spine. When you're told to keep a straight spine during your workouts... it's for a good reason!  The purpose of a Chiropractic adjustment is to restore proper function of the spinal joints. Proper musculoskeletal function allows the body to perform at its highest capability. When the body is functioning at peak performance you're going to get the most of your exercise and reduce your recovery time.  Your San Diego Sports Chiropractor at Ocean Beach Family Chiropractic is here to help your perform & recover at your best!

Reduced Recovery Time

Inflammation can't resolve as quickly as normal with spinal joint dysfunction, which results in prolonged recovery time. Sports Chiropractic care reduces inflammatory cytokines, which decreases inflammation & allows for a speedy recovery.

Pain Relief

Removing spinal dysfunction corrects nerve irritation, eliminating the root cause of the pain. Adjustments also release endorphins and cytokines for immediate pain relief.

Increased Range of Motion

 When spinal joints aren't functioning properly the surrounding muscles & tissues will spasm to protect the spine, resulting in reduced range of motion. Adjusting these joints restores range of motion allowing proper function of the spine & soft tissues.


Injuries are often caused by asymmetry, which creates differences in muscle strength & flexibility from one side of the body to the other. Both strength & flexibility asymmetries can be resolved by the removal of spinal joint dysfunction.

Increased Circulation

Spinal joint dysfunction causes spasms, inflammation, and nerve interference, ultimately causing decreased circulation.  Diminished circulation reduces the body's ability to contract muscles and maintain endurance.

Enhanced Performance

By balancing muscle recruitment, reducing muscle spasms & tension, and increasing blood flow, Chiropractic care enhance overall exercise performance. Leaving these physical issues unaddressed puts the body at risk for injury.

Sport Chiropractic Care in San Diego

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