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Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum is a time for recovery & healing.  Pregnancy and birth can be difficult on the body & mind.  After giving birth, a new mom must nourish her brain and body so she can best support her new baby & family.

During pregnancy, our bodies endure many physical changes. After giving birth, hormones dramatically change & we have major physiological shifts.  The body goes from very loose & having laxity to becoming very tight & rigid.  This is a critical time to ensure the pelvis & spine are in alignment.

Proper recovery is essential for the physical & mental function of a new mom. Postpartum Chiropractic Care is a fundamental component to healing & recovery.

Common Postpartum Ailments

The many physiological changes that occur during pregnancy revert during the Postpartum period.  Many of these changes can create pain & dysfunction including:

"New Mom Neck"

"Band" of Low Back Pain

Misaligned Pelvis + Spine
Neck Pain/Tension
Sacroiliac (SI) Pain
Pelvic Girdle Pain
Round Ligament Pain
Chest Pain/Breathing Difficulties
Numbness or Tingling in leg/arm
Muscle Spasms
Diastasis Recti
↓ Range of Motion

Pubic Symphysis Pain

Midback Pain


Benefits of Postpartum Chiropractic Care

The benefits of Postpartum Chiropractic Care are endless, below are a few of the advantages:

Balanced Pelvis 

Aligned Spine 

Communicating Nervous System  

Alleviated Neck/Back Pain 

↓ Sacroiliac Pain & Sciatica

↓ Pelvic Girdle & Round Ligament Pain 

Relaxed Muscle Spasms 

↓ Vertigo/Headaches 

Alleviated Pubic Symphysis Pain 

Eliminated Numbness/Tingling 

↑ Range of Motion

Postpartum Chiropractic Care in San Diego

The goal of Postpartum Chiropractic care is to maintain constant communication between the brain and body, for optimal function & recovery for mom. 

As a mother's body shifts from Pregnancy to Postpartum, the body becomes tight, therefore it's critical to ensure ideal alignment of the pelvis & spine. Misalignments or SUBLUXATIONS can irritate the surrounding nerves & attached soft tissue creating dysfunction & result in chronic issues of diastasis recti, pubic symphysis pain, incontinence, neck/back/pelvic pain, headaches, sciatica, pelvic girdle pain, numbness and more. 

Postpartum Chiropractic care includes specific & gentle adjustments to the spine, pelvis and pubic region to ensure ideal healing & prevention of chronic ailments.

Postpartum Chiropractic Care in San Diego

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