Injury Related Symptoms

Major Injuries

Major injuries can create layers of scar tissue and damage to the body.  Structural Alignment is imperative after a major trauma like a Car accident, major fall, or other injury. Common symptoms of a major injury include:


Numbness in Arms or Legs



Neck Pain

Frozen Shoulder

Low Back Pain


TMJ problems

Minor Injuries

Minor injuries occur much more often in our daily lives, they are much less apparent than major injuries. However they can sometimes cause more issues. Common minor injuries symptoms include:

Neck Zinger

Rolled Ankle

Internal + External Knee pain

Shin Splints

Tennis Elbow

Chronic Injuries

Chronic injuries can be related to many things including repetitive actions, work related injuries and athletic injuries including:

Carpal Tunnel

Plantar Faciitis

Tennis Elbow

Frozen Shoulder

Shin Splits

Chiropractic Care in San Diego for Injuries

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